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Fighting For LGBTQIA’s+ Safety Across Afrika

Understand Our Mission

Out In Afrika

We Are Here to Resist

Attacks against the LGBTQIA’s+ community have been prevalent throughout Afrika for many years. Thanks to modern technology these tragedies are being exposed more often, and we can do something about it.

We as a community are now presented with an opportunity to come together to resist and fight back against those who would harm the innocent. At Out in Afrika, we fight back by educating communities and spreading awareness about the injustices taking place across Afrika.

Out in Afrika Logo

S.E.E. Our Plan of Action



We offer sponsorship programs that provide resources to LGBTQIA’s+ people in need across Afrika.



We work hard to educate Afrikans who have misguided, outdated, or outright hostile views towards the LGBTQIA’s+ community.



We continue to use our platforms to elevate the voices and stories of brave Afrikan LGBTQIA’s+ heroes.

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