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Fighting For LGBTQIA’s+ Safety Across Afrika

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Terry Ng'endo

“Our goal is to serve as a unifying tool for the LGTBQIA’s+ community that offers support, advice, and educational services.  We strive to provide a safe place, and a strong sense of connection and justice for our fellow LGBTQIA’s+ community.”

Terry was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. As a young teen, Ng’endo was “outed” by Kenyans to the world and negatively publicized throughout the Kenyan Media as the first female to be married to another female in the country. Once her story was published, she faced immense discrimination for being gay in her hometown. This event brought great criticism and humiliation to her, her family, and the greater LGBTQIA’s+ community. This traumatizing experience inspired her to become a LGBTQIA’s+ rights activist, thus founding this organization, Out in Afrika


Grace Bailey-Njeru

“I aspire to spread awareness about the LGBTQIA’s+ community to the people of Afrika both abroad and in the motherland. I wish to ignite the flame of change for a more accepting and tolerant Afrika. Our LGBTQIA’s+ community deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Grace Bailey-Njeru is from Nyahururu, Kenya. She joined Out in Afrika with the goal to open the minds of those who feel negatively about the LGBTQIA’s+ community and to provide a platform for voices of the LGBTQIA’s+ members.

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